In order to supply fuel-injected vehicles with CNG, CNG pressure reducer is designed by Anoop Industries. Also, it offers excellent performance for MPFI vehicles. Marked with a reading of supply pressure of 2 bar (200kPa) and nominal flow rate of 30 Kg/hour, it comes with a water-gas heat exchanger, filter, gas solenoid valve and safety valve.
These pressure reducers, which are solely designed for being used with 5th generation systems, comes in two stages (diaphragm and piston based). These reducers are admired for their excellent performance and the safety they provide. It is a powerful reducer, suitable for high-powered cars, reliable under all working conditions and provides superior performance in comfort and drivability. It has better performance, better mileage and is maintenance free.

Technical Specifications

Material Die Cast Aluminium Body
Weight 1.3kg
Dimensions 151x141x124 mm
Max. Inlet Pressure 26 MPa (260 bar)
Outlet Pressure Variable from .09 till .26 MPa
Coil Voltage 12 V DC
Coil Power 16W
Inlet Connection ø6 mm pipe, M12x1
Outlet Connection ø18 mm
Engine Power up to -140 hp